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Self Defense

NOTE: The Compound Nevada is not currently offering any Self Defense courses at this present time.


The Compound Nevada offers elite self-defense classes for all ages, male/female, experience levels, and/or athletic ability. Our training is a reality-based system and designed to prepare students to face real threats, real situations, and protect themselves and the ones they love. It is the uncommon combination of the prepared body and the prepared mind that is truly capable of winning violent confrontations today.

Our instructors have the certified expertise to teach unarmed hand to hand combat techniques, as well as armed techniques to equip you to defend yourself and your homes. They are not interested in impressing you with fancy techniques or gimmicks that will not survive the first five seconds of a serious attack. We are dedicated to building your confidence, ability, fitness level, and awareness. Be forewarned, you need no prerequisite skill, but you will get a dynamic cardio workout in the process.


We offer you the satisfaction that you have found the right place to prepare yourself and safeguard your loved ones. Whether your career is as a business professional, teacher, public servant, homemaker, or student, we invite you to join us. What we teach is simple, yet effective, and the only thing you need to bring with you is the passion to invest in your own success.


We offer the following courses:

  • Self Defense Course A/B: Men, Women, and Youth

  • Self Defense – Fitness Boot Camp

Men, Women, and Youth

Unisex and Combined

The instruction that offered during our training courses address:

  • Personal Weapons

  • Defense against Personal Attacks

  • Balance/Footwork/Stances

  • Defense against Firearms Threats

  • Edged Weapon Defense

  • Ground Fighting Concepts

  • Protecting Your Home

  • Combat Mindset

  • Current Trends and Statistics

Sign up for the course that best fits your needs and remember that upon request special courses can be established for groups of 8 – 10.

Special discount rates will be available for all courses.

31487 The Compound Nevada 300dpi LOGO.jpg
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