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License to Carry (LTC)

Online Course


We’ve teamed up with Sam Horwitz, former U.S. Secret Service agent, who as your instructor has been accredited and certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety to administer the online License to Carry Certification Course under Texas GC 411.188 and GC 411.190. This course can be substituted for attendance at an in-person LTC Course.

This LTC Online Course is specific to Texas residents and does not apply to any other states; although, many states are reciprocal and will honor the Texas LTC.

You can access the online course via an internet connection on your PC, laptop, or tablet and complete the 4 ½ hour course wherever you may be.


Special Rate

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The Elite Advantage


TheTexasLTCOnline course has been designed to assist you in obtaining your Texas License to Carry (LTC) in an easier and more convenient fashion. This course eliminates the requirement to sit through the live required classroom presentation of the LTC course.

Six easy steps to obtain your Texas LTC

1) Apply for your Texas LTC license online at

2) Upon completion of the Texas LTC license application, you may be directed to the Identogo website at  Enter the Identogo code (119Q91) and schedule your fingerprinting appointment.  You may complete the aforementioned actions before taking TheTexasLTCOnline course.

3) Take TheTexasLTCOnline course at  website and pass the online test.

4) Upon successful completion of the online test, you will receive a "Signed LTC-101" certificate that you will then forward the entire email to

5) Go to our LTC Proficiency Qualification page and utilize our calendar to schedule the qualification certification course of fire with one of our certified LTC Instructors.

6) Upon successful completion of the LTC Proficiency Qualification you will submit your LTC-101 online via the Texas Department of Public Safety – Handgun Licensing website:                                                                                              

Contingent upon the Texas Department of Public Safety processing time, you should receive your LTC within 3 – 4 weeks.

10% Discount Code: Compound

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