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School Security Course (SSC)

Pursuant to Texas Senate Bill 11, school districts are now afforded the opportunity to improve the infrastructure of their campuses to make them safer; employ school resource officers or train school marshals; and the ability to provide active shooter training, among other valuable provisions.

Our facility provides the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) School Security Course (SSC), commonly known as the Guardian Plan, which is designed to train school administrators, teachers, and employees on how to respond to an active shooter within an educational complex.

This highly desired training is not only for the personnel identified by their districts to carry concealed handguns within their educational facilities, but will also benefit individual personnel to know how to properly respond to an active shooter utilizing the tools immediately available wherever they are located within the educational facility.

SSC Prerequisite

The prerequisite for attendance at this course is that the individual must possess a current TX DPS issued license to carry (LTC).


SSC Schedule

This course is a two-day course which includes classroom lecture, classroom simulation training, and advanced handgun utilization/techniques. This course is designed to be a two-day course that begins promptly at 8:00 am and concludes at 5:00 pm each day. A one-hour lunch period is provided daily and breaks are provided throughout the course of instruction.

Registration & Cost

Cost: $465.00 per person

This fee covers the SSC certification, range fees, and use of all applicable training items.



This training program provides a level of training unsurpassed in Texas and many other states. The primary and life-saving objective of this course is to inform educational personnel of the responsibilities related to school safety, as it pertains to employees of a school district or open-enrollment charter school that possesses a current LTC.

Attendees will be administered the following pre-tests prior to beginning the course:

Written Pre-Test Examination which addresses LTC laws and regulations wherein attendees must score 90%.

Live Fire Proficiency Pre-Test wherein attendees must score a minimum of 90% (225) on the LTC Qualification Course of Fire – LTC Instructor Qualification.


Course Objectives

• The protection of students;

• Interaction of license holders with first responders;

• Tactics for denying an intruder entry into a classroom or school facility; and,

• Methods for increasing a license holder’s accuracy with a handgun while under duress.


Specified Curriculum

Written Pre-Test Examination

Range – Proficiency Pre-Test

Classroom Lecture

Practical Exercises

Range – Practical Exercise – Shooting Under Duress

Written Final Examination

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a TX DPS Proof of Training Certificate that should be kept on file at your administrative facility. It will also be filed with your TX DPS LTC in accordance with Texas Government Code 411.1901.


Useful Information

Students must provide the following equipment:

A semi-automatic pistol or a revolver which must be at least a .38 caliber or larger

Two (2) magazines for a semi-automatic pistol or the appropriate speed loaders for a revolver

Must be in good working condition

All handguns will be inspected by your SSC Instructor prior to and during usage at the range

No optical sights are allowed

No handgun may have any modification which compromises the safety of the weapon

Revolver must not have “push off” on single action



Reloaded ammunition is not allowed

Must meet Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) specifications

Must have a minimum of 300 rounds for your handgun

No aluminum casing


Protective Clothing and Equipment

Ear protection (over-the-ear, muff style) and eye protection (prescription eyewear)

Shirt with a collar and head cover (baseball cap to cover the head and facial area)

Closed-toe shoes, such as boots or athletic shoes and long pants (no shorts or Capri style)


Additional Items

One hand towel on which to lay your handgun and ammunition during qualification


Special Note

ISD personnel may take this certification course at their own expense and obtain the certification regardless of whether or not your ISD allows you to carry in a designated facility at this time. It should be noted that ISD personnel must ultimately receive authorization from their ISD to be able to carry a concealed handgun on the ISD premises and while in the performance of their ISD duties.

The School Safety Course – Guardian Plan, affords you the opportunity to obtain the training needed to be compliant with the required prerequisites of being able to carry a handgun on ISD premises if so designated or authorized to do so. Overall, this certification will afford immeasurable classroom simulation training and advanced handgun utilization/techniques.

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