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FFL Transfers

Thank you for utilizing The Compound Nevada for your FFL transfer needs.


    Transfer Fee and Fee for Storage of Items:

  • Long guns / Handguns / Receivers and Frames - $25.00 Members / $35.00 Non-Members per transferable item.

  • Items left longer than 30 calendar days will incur a monthly storage fee, per transfer item in the amount of $45.00 per month.  Said storage fee will initiate on the 31st day and will incur a monthly service charge on the 31st day thereafter.  Any item on-hand after the initial 31st day period will incur a one-month service charge in the amount of $45.00.

    Abandoned Items:

  • Upon notification to pick up purchasedreceived and processed items, said items will be deemed abandoned after a 1 year period.  Said items deemed abandoned will become the property of TCN.  ALL sales are FINAL with NO REFUNDS.

   Firearms and accessories that can be shipped to TCN:


Long guns (Rifles and Shotguns)

                                                          Receivers & Frames

                                                     NFA/Class III related items

    Buyers and Sellers MUST do the following to utilize TCas your FFL:

  • Please notify TCN by calling us at (972) 853-0602 or sending an email to us at to advise that you’d like to utilize our FFL services.  Or, to advise that a shipment is enroute to us and you’d like us to perform an FFL transfer on your behalf.

  • Via email, you should provide us with your Bill of Sale identifying the selling party, normally a dealer, who will be forwarding your purchased item(s).  The information contained on the Bill of Sale should fully identify the contact information for the seller and the item(s) being sent to us for FFL transfer.

  • We MUST receive a copy of the Seller’s FFL in order to process the transaction or contact information for the Seller’s FFL.

  • The item(s) should be shipped via USPS Priority Two-Day with Tracking Number, but only FFLs can utilize this option.  The utilization of FedEx or UPS is ideal for your shipping needs.  DO NOT have your name or address placed on the shipping label because this is in direct violation of ATF rules and could lead to untold headaches and/or fine/imprisonment.

  • The item(s) should be sent to us at the following address:


 The Compound Nevada

 6710 Act Industries Circle

  Nevada, TX 75173-6015

                                                               (972) 853-0602

  • Item(s) should be insured when sent from the Shipper because TCN will not be responsible for damage to the shipment and/or its contents, including firearm(s) and accessories under any circumstance.  Seller/Shipper is responsible to fill out and manage any shipper/shipment claims.

  • Contained within the shipment should be a packing slip with the following information: Manufacturer, Importer, Model Number, Serial Number, Firearm Type, and Caliber.

  • Upon confirmation with the Seller and receipt of the items, we will contact you to advise when the item(s) have been received, processed and ready for transfer to you.  Please allow 24 hours for processing before contacting us.

  • All transfers are accomplished via an appointment.  No transfers will be performed without an appointment.

  • Upon arrival, you must have in your possession a valid form of government ID: TX Driver’s License, TX LTC license, Military ID and Assignment Orders, U.S. Passport, etc.  Presented ID must be legible and unaltered, not be expired, and list your current address.

  • The transferee must be 18 years old for long gun(s) and 21 for handguns and ammunition.

  • You must pay the $25/$35 transfer fee; complete, sign, and date the ATF Form 4473 (Firearms Transaction Record) in order to process the required FBI NICS background check.

  • Once the 4473 is processed, FBI NICS will issue one of the following responses:

    • PROCEED – If PROCEED result is issued; Transferee WILL receive your item(s).

    • DENIED – If DENIED result is issued; Transferee WILL NOT receive your item(s).  The item(s) may be returned to the Seller.  The shipping cost is the responsibility of the Seller.  If the Buyer does not agree to pay the shipping charges, the item(s) will be returned to the Sender via COD and the cost of the shipping will be the COD amount billed to the Sender.

    • DELAYED – If DELAYED result is issued; FBI NICS was unable to complete the background check upon submission and no result was issued.  NICS may take several days to return a result.  During that time TCRC CANNOT transfer the item(s) until we have received a response from FBI NICS.  In compliance with the Brady Law, the item(s) may be transferred after five business days if no response is received from FBI NICS during that time period.  Another appointment must be scheduled to complete the transfer of the item(s).


Please feel free to contact us at (972) 853-0602 to discuss your transfer or for clarification of any of the aforementioned information.

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