LTC Proficiency Qualification


LTC Proficiency Qualification includes the following:

  1. Access to and use of range facilities.

  2. One (1) B-27 target.

  3. Instructor fee for administration of the LTC Proficiency Qualification, which includes a safety briefing and range instruction for the successful completion of the required course of fire.

NOTE:  This is NOT a training course, it is a Qualification course wherein you will be expected to know how to safely handle and manipulate your handgun.  You will be given directions to load, unload, and show that the handgun is clear of any ammunition.

IF you require Handgun Proficiency Training before taking the LTC Proficiency Qualification, please contact us and we can make arrangements for refresher training beforehand.


 You are REQUIRED to review and sign the following electronic “The Compound Royse City” - Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, Hold Harmless, and Indemnity Agreement.

You MUST click the button below to complete the following document:



Stage 1: Twenty (20) shots will be fired from 3 yards.
(5) shots fired in a One-shot exercise with 2 seconds allowed for each shot.
(10) shots fired in a Two-shot exercise with 3 seconds allowed for each 2 shot sequence.
(5) shots fired in 10 seconds.
Stage 2: Twenty (20) shots will be fired from 7 yards.
(5) shots will be fired in 10 seconds.
(2) shots will be fired in 4 seconds.
(3) shots will be fired in 6 seconds.
(5) shots will be fired in a One-shot exercise with 3 seconds allowed for each shot.
(5) shots fired in 15 seconds.
Stage 3: Ten (10) shots will be fired from 15 yards.
(2) shots fired in 6 seconds.
(3) shots fired in 9 seconds.
(5) shots fired in 15 seconds.


A minimum passing score of 175 must be achieved in order to pass the

LTC Proficiency Qualification.



Must have established legal residence in the state of Texas for the preceding six months
(Resident License Only) or must be eligible for a license as a non-resident under Section

Must be at least 21 years of age, or must be 18 to 20 years of age and eligible under Section 411.172(g) (Military Exception).

Must not have not been convicted of a felony (As ‘convicted’ is defined in Section 411.171(4).

Must not be currently charged in any jurisdiction with the commission of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor or equivalent level offense, or an offense under Section 42.01 (Disorderly Conduct), Texas Penal Code, or of a felony under an information or indictment.

Must not be a fugitive from justice for a felony or Class A or Class B misdemeanor or equivalent offense in any jurisdiction.

Must not be chemically dependent (As defined in Section 411.171(2).

Must not be incapable of exercising sound judgment with respect to the proper use and storage of a handgun.

Must not have not been convicted in any jurisdiction of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor or equivalent offense, or an offense under Section 42.01 (Disorderly Conduct), Texas Penal Code (as ‘convicted’ is defined in Section 411.171(4), in the past five years.

Must be fully qualified under applicable federal and state laws to purchase a handgun. (Refer to 18 U.S.C. § 922 (g)).

Must not have been finally determined to be delinquent in making child support payments
administered or collected by the Attorney General.

Must not have been finally determined to be delinquent in the payment of taxes or other
money collected by the comptroller, state treasurer, or tax collector of any agency or political subdivision of this state (or state of residence for non-resident applicants).

Must not be currently restricted under a court protective order or subject to a restraining order affecting the spousal relationship, not including a restraining order affecting property.

Must not have in the past 10 years been adjudicated as having engaged in delinquent conduct violating a penal law of the grade of felony.

Must not have not made any material misrepresentation, or failed to disclose any material fact, on your application.


Required Items 

Students MUST provide the following equipment for use during the proficiency demonstration:

 1- A semi-automatic pistol or revolver.

 Must be at least a .22 caliber.
Must be in good working condition.
All handguns will be inspected by your LTC Instructor prior to and during

 usage at the range.
No LASER sights are allowed.
No handgun may have any modification which compromises the safety of the

If using a non-semi-automatic handgun (revolver) – no “push off” on single


2- 50 rounds of ammunition

Reloaded ammunition is not allowed.
Must meet Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI)  specifications.
Must have a minimum of 50 rounds for your handgun (Extra is recommended).
No aluminum casing.


3- Protective clothing and equipment

Ear protection (over-the-ear, muff style) 

Eye protection (prescription eyewear) is acceptable.
Shirt with a collar and head cover (baseball cap to cover the head and facial area).
Closed-toe shoes, such as boots or athletic shoes and long pants (no shorts or Capri style).
One hand towel to lay your weapon and ammunition on during inspection and prior to LTC Proficiency Qualification.



Please contact us via phone or text at (469) 608-0431 to discuss equipment rental.



All LTC Proficiency Qualifications will be canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled date of said qualification if there are no registrants for said qualification and/or confirmation of attendance has not been provided to TCRC personnel.


Cancellations received within 24 hours of the LTC Proficiency Qualification date will not receive a refund. Instead, rescheduling of attendance at an LTC Proficiency Qualification can be accomplished one time.

Attendance at a rescheduled LTC Proficiency Qualification must occur within 6 months from the original qualification date. All course fees are forfeited by the registrant if a rescheduled qualification has not been completed within the 6-month period.

Failure to attend the LTC Proficiency Qualification or cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will result in no refund, no credit of the qualification fee, or subsequent rescheduling of attendance at a future qualification.

To reschedule the course, please contact us via email at info@tcatrc.com with the following information:

 Indicate the full name, date, and time of the LTC Proficiency Qualification that needs to be
rescheduled, AND The date and time of your requested reschedule date.


Attendee substitutions may be made at any time.

TCRC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule LTC Proficiency Qualifications at any time.


IF we cancel or reschedule a qualification due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control, you will be entitled to a full refund.

IF TCRC cancels an LTC Proficiency Qualification in which you are registered, you will be contacted at the phone number and/or email that you provided during registration. Therefore, please be sure to provide a valid phone number and email address. Be sure to check your email prior to the scheduled course for cancellation notifications.